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Founded in 1982, Coniston is one of the longest established technology companies in the North East specialising in the integration of IT and Telecommunication systems to provide best value solutions to private and public sector organisations.

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At Coniston, we are dedicated to finding the right solution for your business. Whether it is virtualisation, disaster recovery or unified communications, we have the right solution for you.

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Coniston partner with only worldwide known brands within the IT and Telecommunications industry to ensure our customers receive the absolute best service possible. Whether it is HP, VMWare or Wavenet, we can provide the best solution for your business needs.

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Contact us directly to speak to a professional about how Coniston can help you integrate the best IT and Telecommunications solutions into your business today.

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MS Office 365

Should You Move To Microsoft Office 365?

There are pros and cons to every decision which you will make in your business, with moving to Microsoft Office 365 being no exception. The cloud can be either the greatest action a small business can take or can be seen as a way for big companies to take control of your sensitive data. With […]

18 Feb, 2016 admin

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

2015 is almost over and a new year is about to begin … Over the past 12 months Coniston have grown, matured and evolved into more than just an IT Managed Service Provider.  All of us are extremely proud of what has been achieved during this year and we would like to let you all […]

23 Dec, 2015 admin
Telephone System

Do You Need To Upgrade Your Telephone System?

Your System – Much More Than a Telephone Handset! Your telephone system is much more than a handset that dials customers.  It should be viewed as a marketing tool, and as with any other marketing tool at your disposal, you should ensure it is constantly updated. With features such as Unified Communications, CRM/ERP/TAPI integration and […]

14 Sep, 2015 admin
BDUK Scheme

BDUK Connection Voucher Scheme

What’s it all about? Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) – part of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport – is delivering superfast broadband connectivity to the nation. With over £1 billion investment, the government is hoping to improve broadband infrastructure to: provide superfast broadband coverage to 90% of the UK by 2016 provide basic broadband […]

18 Aug, 2015 admin

The Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Problem

Although experts believe that Windows Server 2003’s end of life has the potential to be the biggest security threat in 2015, there are still an estimated 1.6 million machines still running the now defunct Operating System – a full month after Microsoft delivered its last ever security update for it. What Does This Mean for […]

11 Aug, 2015 admin
New Tech

Businesses Love New Technologies

For your start-up to grow into a well known brand, understanding new technology is key. In the modern day climate, companies need to appear ‘fresh’, ‘cloud-based’ and ‘socially relevant’.  By implementing new technologies,  organisations spend less money and get more time to run a well operated business. VoIP – technology to help your business grow. One of […]

12 Mar, 2015 admin

What Is “UC”?

What is Unified Communications? In short, unified communications bridges the gap between VoIP and other computer related communication technologies. Unified communications, or “UC” as it is commonly known, is a technological architecture whereby communication tools are integrated so that both businesses and individuals can manage all their communications in one entity or suite of applications. The […]

18 Feb, 2015 admin

Saving Money With VoIP – Is It Hype or A Business Reality?

Can VoIP Save Your Business Money? Over the next five years, the number of businesses using Hosted VoIP services is set to increase by at least another 30%. With VoIP’s ability to improve business mobility, increase productivity, and grow call capacity, its growth isn’t really surprising, however, when you look at the cost savings that […]

6 Feb, 2015 admin

Veeam – The Backup Solution For Your Business

Why Veeam Is A Great Backup Solution For VMWare When it comes to VMWare, backups are always a cause for concern. There are many business continuity solutions out there which works in conjunction with VMWare but we believe Veeam is definitely the best on the market. Here is why Veeam is the best solution for […]

26 Jan, 2015 admin
MPLS Explained

MPLS Explained

Multi-Protocol Label Switching – MPLS Explained What is Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)? Multi-Protocol Label Switching – or MPLS – is a method of sending prioritised data from A to Z via a sensible route. Packets have something called labels, with each packet having one or more attached to it. As each one passes through the MPLS network, labels […]

23 Jan, 2015 admin
VMware Benefits

Is Virtualisation Beneficial To Your Business?

Benefits For Server Virtualisation Server virtualisation on the x86 platform has been around now for more than a decade, yet many in the industry still consider it a “new” technology. Server virtualisation has been a game-changing technology within the IT industry, providing efficiencies and capabilities that just aren’t possible when constrained within a physical world. […]

20 Jan, 2015 admin

Hosted VoIP or On-Site VoIP Telephone System?

Hosted VoIP or On-Site VoIP Telephone System In 2015, companies looking for a new or upgraded phone system have an important decision to make – upgrade their traditional PBX system or migrate to a VoIP based solution. If they decide VoIP is the way forward, the next question is whether to sign up with a […]

19 Jan, 2015 admin
Cloud Computing 1

Moving to Office 365

Microsoft Server 2003 User? Are you currently running Microsoft Exchange on Windows Server 2003?  If the answer is yes, then Microsoft Office 365 provides a natural migration path to “The Cloud”. By moving to Microsoft Office 365, your organisation can benefit from having a solution which provides anytime, anyplace access for your teams. It will […]

14 Jan, 2015 admin
Cloud Computing

Should you consider moving to “The Cloud” in 2015?

Debunking a Myth First of all, let’s debunk a popular myth … although migrating to “The Cloud” can significantly improve productivity and reliability whilst reducing up-front capital costs, other costs will almost inevitably increase such as data connectivity and on-going subscriptions. So with all things said, and now that you know the truth, is cloud […]

12 Jan, 2015 admin